PAC Competition Rules and Guidelines For Submitting Competition Entries

These Rules are for monthly club competitions. Inter-club competitions adopt similar rules, but may have some changes, mostly related to timing. Assistance is available to any member in the preparation of their competition entries. Please contact any of our Committee members should you need help.

Competition Rules

All images must have originated within the camera and be the work of the photographer entering the competition. This includes parts of images used in composite image construction. images used as textures must be taken by or created by the Photographer. There are no restriction on the use of presets for the enhancement of Colour, tone, clarity etc. There is no restriction of entries in colour, black and white or any tone unless as described in the subject notes for the month. Enhanced and creative images are considered a natural part of the artistic process.

The Competition Secretary must receive digital Images for projection and digital copies of prints by the Saturday prior to the Inspiration Evenings, which are held on the second Wednesday of the month. Prints must be mounted on a mat board for display and brought to the club on the evening of our Inspiration Nights. When entering a print into a competition you must also forward a digital image of the print and title it accordingly. The committee has the right to remove any image from competition if the image is considered to be in breach of copyright law.

Competition Categories & Qualifications

In order to encourage members to develop their Photographic and Artistic skills, three categories, or grades - B, AB and A - have been established. Normally, every member starts at B grade regardless of their experience, and may upgrade through to AB and A grades by achieving set award levels. Experienced photographers from a club running competitions using accredited judges (like PACT does) may apply to the committee to have their grade from the other club recognised by PACT. Adjudication for honour and merit awards is judged within each category: A against A, AB against AB, B against B.

Upgrade Requirements

To progress from B to AB a member must obtain 8 awards, 2 of which must be an honour. To upgrade from AB to A grade, a member must achieve 11 awards, 3 of which must be an honour.

The upgrade awards must be achieved within a 12-month rolling period, remembering there is no competition in December. Only PACT monthly comp awards are eligible towards upgrades.

The upgrade period commences from the month the member first receives an award in B grade. Thereafter it commences the month following their entry to AB grade, until they achieve the required awards or time out.

For example:
Joe moves from B grade to AB in Mar 2016. He now has until the 2017 April comp (inclusive) to gather the required awards for upgrading to A grade. Note: 12-month rolling period equals 12 consecutive comps.

Maintenance Requirements

Once above B grade there is also a maintenance award level to be sustained in order to stay at that advanced grade. AB grade must get 2 honours, A grade 3 honours in a rolling two calendar year period. After the November comp every AB and A member has their awards reviewed.

Present grade honours from the current and previous calendar years are counted. If the maintenance requirement is met, the member stays at that grade level, otherwise the member regresses back one grade, and will be advised in writing of this grade level change.

For example it is December in year 2. An A grade member received two honours in year 1 and one in year 2. That’s a total of 3 honours in a two year period and is sufficient to keep that member in A grade.

NOTE: Should a member go up a grade during the year, the maintenance period commences in January of the following year. Because of the rolling period, they are given a full two years to accumulate the required awards. By default they will stay at their new grade level in the first December review following that January.



There are 2 subject categories for each competition – SET and OPEN.
The SET subjects for the year are listed under the "Monthly Competitions" sub-heading.
OPEN subjects are any image or print that you would like to submit for adjudication. 

Number of Entries

You may enter up to a maximum of FIVE (5) images for each competition - THREE (3) projected images either 2 set subject and 1 open subject, OR 2 open subject and 1 set subject. You may enter TWO (2) prints being set and/or open. If you do not enter prints you are limited to (3) projected images only.

Repeat Entries

Once an entry has achieved an award, it cannot be re-entered in any section. Entries that have NOT received an award can be re-entered in any section and in any format. This allows for developing skill levels and encourages the reworking of images.

Competition Awards

The Attending adjudicator will select merit, Honour and Image of the Month, Set Subject of the month and Print of the month awards.


If a member wants to complain about the inclusion of any image, the judging of an image or any other matter, the complaint will only be considered if submitted in writing to the PACT committee.

Image Formats

There are two image formats: PROJECTED and PRINTS.

Preparing Images for Projection

Projected Images must be sized and titled correctly. The following Sizing and saving procedures are in operational order and based on Photoshop settings. Other editing programmes should be similar.

NEW Image Size:

Changing the image size for projection inevitably involves a reduction in size. The Club’s projector displays a maximum image width of 1620 pixels, maximum height of 1080 pixels.

For LANDSCAPE FORMATS, set to a WIDTH of 1620 pixels.
The image height will adjust automatically but must not exceed 1080 pixels

For PORTRAIT FORMATS, set the HEIGHT to a 1080 pixels. The image width will adjust automatically but must not exceed 1620 pixels.

Colour Profile must be in sRGB IEC61966-2.1 and 72dpi resolution with MAX size of 1MB.


Giving Your Image and Print a Title

File names (must be in the following format)

For projected images:
    •    Sunset by Fred Smith Set AB
    •    Sunset by Fred Smith Open AB

For prints:
    •    PRINT Sunset by Fred Smith Open AB
    •    PRINT Sunset by Fred Smith Set AB

Note: Please do not add any dots dashes or symbols to title, only as shown above

Please see "Preparing prints for competition" below.

Please triple-check your entries in all the above areas before sending them.

Submitting Competition Entries for Projection

The competition secretary will accept your entries via the following email address:

 This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Your entry will be checked for proper sizing and the correct number of entries allowed by the rules.

Preparing prints for competition

There is no minimum print size requirement. At present the majority of print entries are 10x15 inches. The maximum print size is 18x12 inches. Write only the title of your image, Set or Open, and what grade you currently hold, but DO NOT put your name on the back of the print. Example: Sunset Open B.

To properly display your print, please add to the back of the mounting board the “loop” side of Velcro. Ensure that the Velcro tabs are oriented for either portrait or landscape

The standard mat board is 400mm x 500mm.

A projected image of your print (at competition dimensions) will need to be emailed to the competition secretary by the due date for all images.The file is to be named PRINT followed by usual naming for projected images.